Frequently Asked Questions

At our Geelong studio, you’re never far away from an easy commute! Public transport services are just minutes away and we have plenty of free parking available.

You can also access the space remotely with simple instructions sent straight to your email.

Last but not least – you can move large props and vehicles in easily via the large roller door access.

What Services Do You Provide?
We provide photo studio and recording studio hire spaces, 7 days a week.
We also have an in-house creative agency available that frequently uses our studio spaces for content creation projects.

What Equipment Do You Have Available To Hire?
We have hire equipment available including flashes, video lights, soft boxes and basic modelling props.
If you’d like to learn more about what we have available, it is best to contact us or book a tour!

Do You Offer Student Discounts?
Yes, we are happy to help with all types of student projects that may require a photo studio space, contact us to learn more.

Can I Book After Hours?
Yes, our studio has remote access so that you can enter and exit the studio on your own.
You can also contact our studio manager at any time during your booking if you require assistance.

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