Terms Of Service

Payment Terms
Once a 50% deposit has been made, your booking will be locked in.
Full payment of your booking is required within 7 days of your booking date.
Overtime will be accumulated 15mins after you’re booking was due to end, and will be billed hourly thereafter at our full rate of $100hr + GST
All of our studio half, full day and hourly rates are exclusive of 10% GST.
If you plan to have extended bookings past our half and full day hours, please book these in prior to your booking to ensure you are eligible for the regular extended hour rate.
Interest will be charged on overdue invoices at the rate of 18% per month, charged at the rate of 4.5% every 7 days the invoice is outstanding.

All bookings made on the Optix booking system are automatically confirmed upon completion of the booking.
Only bookings made via email communication are accepted and once an invoice has been sent and a deposit has been paid, are they locked in.
If you request a booking over the phone, you will need to email us your request so we can follow our in-house process to lock in your booking, if you don’t email us or receive and email from us, your booking will not be confirmed.

If your booking is cancelled due to a victorian state lockdown, we can move your booking to a new date, or return your deposit.
If you cancel or don’t attend your booking within 24hrs of your booking start time, you will be charged for the full booking at the full rate.
If Geelong Photo Studio requires to cancel your booking due to a number of reasons such as ‘damaged cyclorama, ect’ you will be eligible for a full refund
All refunds will be made within 14 days working days of your cancellation.
If your booking needs to be rescheduled to a new date and our team deems it necessary and it doesn’t effect our upcoming bookings, you will be allowed to move your booking. If you need to move it a second time, a 50% fee will be added to your bill.
If you forget about your booking or do a ‘no-show’ you will not be eligible for a refund and we have all rights to receive your payment in full.

Exclusive use
Our photography studio is part of a co-working space complex, please let us know if you would like to have exclusive use of the space prior to placing your booking.

Free Wifi
Our free wifi is intended for business purposes only, or for regular phone and laptop use.
Please do not download huge amounts of data on our free wifi, as your download speed will become limited.
You agree to our wifi terms of service listed on the service when setting it up on your device when you sign in.

All studio equipment owned by Geelong Photo Studio must remain in the space at all times.
Geelong Photo Studio aims to have all the essential equipment (sandbags, stands, polyboards ect) but it is recommended that you bring your own lighting equipment.
If you are unsure if we have what you need in the space, please call us prior to your booking to check in.
Any hire fleet equipment that is hired for the duration of your booking, is expected to be returned in the same condition as it was when it was hired.
Any damages to our hire fleet equipment will be charged to the client booking the gear.

Cyclorama Care
Clean soles of shoes prior to walking on the cyclorama floor.
Ensure all stands, chairs and other props have soft feet or padding on them to limit the chance of scratching the floor.
Do not stand, sit or put pressure on the curved part of the cyclorma wall.
Please leave the space as you found it when you finish your booking,
Eg – sweep away any substantial dirt ect, place all your rubbish in the bin inside or outside.
Any cyclormara damage we deem ‘major’ will be quoted to fix, and charged to the client.
Eg – Large paint scrapes (bigger than a 50c piece), holes in plaster etc.

Kisi Access
Your Kisi access is only permitted to allow you to enter the space 15 minutes prior to starting your booking and will cease 15mins after your designated end time.
You are not permitted to share your Kisi login with another person to provide them access.
Kisi access should be given to the person who is going to spend the entirety of their time within the space for the project hours booked.
Studio management can remotely provide access to the space given you accidentally lock yourself out.

Damages and loss
The client agrees to pay for all damages and losses to our studio space and equipment.
The client agrees to be responsible for the items listed on the equipment list on the day of their booking even if they do not require to use the equipment on the list.

Indemnity and liability
Geelong Photo Studio is not responsible for any injuries or loss within our studio space, once you walk in the doors, you are under the care of the person who has made the booking.
Geelong Photo Studio has created a safe environment to be used.
When using the ladder, please take care and follow all relevant ladder procedures to ensure safety working at height.
Anything that the client attaches to the lighting rig and truss is secured under the clients responsibility and not the studios.

Please only use the two allocated car spaces in front of Geelong Photo Studio side of our gated complex, or park on the street.
Do not park in our neighbours allocated parking spaces and do not obstruct their car parking spaces.

Video production
Please note our studio space sound can differ from day to day.
If you plan to do audio, please drop by and visit our space to see the acoustics prior to booking in.
Please note that adverse weather conditions like windy and rainy days can effect the sound within our studio space and its booked at your own risk if you plan to do audio.

Additional Information
If you are bringing in your own props to the studio that you feel are quite large, please let us know.
Please tape down your loose cables and anything that may become entangled.
Please take care when using our ghost mannequin to reduce the likelihood of damaging the removable parts